"R O A D M A P"

The "BOONY BOY" project aims to create a series of 5.000 virtual characters, each distinguished by their unique attributes. Throughout the creation process, additional sub-projects will be started to implement utility functions. A list of expected milestones and missions is provided below.

500 SOLD - Grow community and build social channels

750 SOLD - Develop AR application to allow holders to view their character in the real world through their mobile devices

1.000 SOLD - Airdrop "MATERIALIZER" to 100 holders

Each "MATERIALIZER" allows its owner to order 1 real-life "BOONY BOY" collectible figure replicating the character that they own

2.000 SOLD - "BOONYVILLE" is created and "BOONY BOY" holders are whitelisted to purchase claims

2.500 SOLD - "BOONIE" residences are minted

"BOONIES" : virtual spaces powered by oncyber.io in which holders are able to store owned NFTs as well as explore the virtual space

3.000 SOLD - Connect "BOONIES" and "BOONVILLE"

Holders will be able to place their "BOONIE" on their "BOONVILLE" claim and will be able to explore the virtual multiplayer world through an online virtual experience

5.000 SOLD - Host an "in person" community event at a location and time which will be voted on by holders